The Infamous Aviator Extraordinaire Kerry McCauley Joins CTP Live Tuesday 5/31 2200Z!

The Closed Traffic Podcast is pleased to welcome Kerry McCauley to the show! Kerry has an extremely impressive resume and he graciously agreed to spend some time with CTP to share and recount some of his fondest and extreme scenarios across his aviation career. Here's a snippet from Kerry's website regarding his book "Nine Lives Over The North Atlantic" join us live Tuesday 5/31 at 3 pm PST/ 2200Z.

"Kerry McCauley has the job most pilots can only dream of: delivering small used aircraft to locations around the world. In his 30 years as an international ferry pilot, Kerry has delivered almost every kind of airplane you can name to almost every location you can think of. In his long career Kerry battled fuel system malfunctions over the Atlantic, a total electrical failure at night over the Sahara, getting lost over Africa and getting struck by lightning off the coast of Portugal. Not to mention losing his engine and having to fly dead stick in a thunderstorm...."

Live Show Link:

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