Palm Springs Air Museum

”Where history and aviation collide”

Had an opportunity to check out the Palm Springs Air Museum while out there on vacation. I highly recommend a visit if you are ever in the area. The share amount of history, aircrafts (many of which are still airworthy or not far off) personal artifacts from late armed forces members, and so much more was almost overwhelming, but in a good way! I felt a sense of true connection with both aviation and the role it played throughout history to help forge this great nation by men and women from all walks of life. My favorite part was the conversations my wife and I had with the various volunteers at the museum, many of whom served in the very wars and battles on display and recounted throughout the exhibits; I could listen to them go on for hours.

I’ve attached a few photos below and a link to the museum below. If you’ve been, let me know what you think!

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