FERRY PILOT: Nine Lives Over the North Atlantic

Book we discussed briefly on the latest podcast episode, check it out!

Kerry McCauley’s life of adventure started out in the Minnesota National Guard as a UH-1H “Huey” crew chief and winter survival instructor. His taste for aviation led him to be an international ferry pilot, professional skydiver and corporate jet pilot. As a ferry pilot he delivered planes to 60 countries, crossing three oceans and six continents. He’s flown about 50 different types of aircraft, has 9000 hours of flight time and 20,000 skydives. Kerry is an engaging and entertaining speaker, whose retelling of his adventures as a ferry pilot and his starring role in two seasons of the Discovery Channel’s series _Dangerous Flights_ puts people on the edge of their seats. Kerry lives in Wisconsin with his wife Cathy where they own and operate a skydiving school along with their children, Claire and Connor.

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